BOHO tie choker / Lariat necklace , Celtic Charm with wool beads - BROWN/MUSTARD

Scottish Range

Funky Fun BOHO Summer necklace. A lariat necklace does not have a clasp or hook at the back of the neck like most necklace styles. Instead, you fasten a lariat necklace by tying a knot in the jewellery itself.

Made with faux suede , and is approx 100cm in length. lariats can be wrapped around your wrist and worn as a bracelet or it can be worn as a belt. Some pregnant ladies like to wear it around their waist and have the charms hang over their bump.

Ladies want a little splash of colour, or something a little light weight in the summer with their favorite maxi dress.

Add pops colour to your displays, creating a fun, happy visual. and tie them together or use on their own but in three different ways, this allows you to tell a story and connect everything together. 

Wool beads teamed up with the metal Celtic hangers at the ends.