The tree of Life by Gist Jewellery

What better Product to do as our first product blog. "The Tree of Life" design.

Why tree of life ? As you will learn a lot of my designs are based on memories, things close to me or things that I or my friends and family love. 

The trees played a huge part in my growing up. I lived in a small village called Wolfhill, which was just outside Perth, Scotland. My house was surrounded by trees and gradually they came down by the wind or by farming. I was always saddened when they were taken down and especially when done in bulk.

But when mother nature decided to topple one over, it was exciting. The thrill of seeing the roots and being able to walk along the actual tree trunk was just brilliant, as a child. I still today love seeing the structure and entwining of the root system.

Down the woods at wolfhill

Down the woods at Wolfhill. 

The trees of "Down the woods" as we know it for ever, even although it had been cleared to just an avenue of trees  it was always down the woods to me. tree swings and dens were made and lasted for generations. I am a country girl always will be, playing in the mud or making things I was outside so much more than my kids are today. 

Seeing the nature and animals plenty peeling of bark or the Lichen off and exposing bugs and all sorts, fascinated me.

Lichen growing on the tree, always a stunning shade of dusky sea foam and stunning natural pattern / texture, almost frill like.

So you see why I couldn't not start with this topic and not any other product line, So the tree of life is a huge part of many peoples lives.

Symbols of the tree of life : Balance and harmony in nature , (As I was saying above all the things i would find in or around a tree.)

To Celts it will mean , strength, wisdom, long life ( You just have to look at a tree and understand this. )

Rebirth, ( the leaves fall and regrow every year)

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The perfect gift for someone special , as you can see it comes as a bag charm, pendant and brooch, so something for all ages. 

"tree of life"
singular proper noun: Tree of Life; noun: Tree of Life; plural noun: Trees of Life; noun: tree of life
  1. 1.
    (in the Bible) the tree in the Garden of Eden bearing fruit which gave eternal life (Gen. 3:22–24).
    • (in the Kabbalah) a diagram in the form of a tree bearing spheres which represent the sephiroth.