Why "Gist"

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Why "Gist" jewellery. I hear you ask.

Well Bridal Bliss was our only label and I was being asked to create just a necklace, or bracelet for a family member of the bride or bridesmaids. Everyone including myself refereed to things as "oh that's just a necklace, i'm working on" ....

I wanted to create something new as the bridal was fast an established thing and I needed something new to keep my creative interests going. I would always end up back making jewellery. Just jewellery (fast becoming a catch phrase ) One day in my office I was playing about with a dictionary website (like you do, what do you mean you don't). www.wordhippo.com

I was playing with words and trying to get inspiration of something NEW for me today.

I searched "other words for Idea" and Gist came up under Noun !!! "Whats a noun again ?",  I hear you say... i've added it below for you..

I saw it and thought "Gist Jewellery" it has to be its my catchphrase LOL But the market is flooded, I need to do something different So I played with materials and I love using things different from the normal, I love tweed and things rustic, I love texture..

Time to play. so I played around with all mannor of things many are still lurking around the studio just not found the right design to launch the material. 

But I settled on WOOL.. hand felted 100% colour fast wool balls. I came across these in my many hauls for supplies. Not sold as a bead but you always have to think out the box. I use this theory in a lot of my ideas think out the box.

I hope to create other material collections over time but at the minute I am loving the wool ball fest. As they can be worn with sooo much especially with the Scottish weather we are usually wrapped up and delicate jewellery is always hidden under layers, where as my jewellery can be layered over top. they compliment the wool jumpers scarves, tweed jackets and wraps beautifully. And oh my goodness looks fab teamed up with some tweed bags...  I feel the need to go shopping now.. 

I leave with you with some things that I think compliment my range. 



www.lovemolly.co.ukKate Middleton wearing a tweed suit in shades of blue.Kate Middleton wearing Pale blue tweed jacket.



  1. a word (other than a pronoun) used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things common noun, or to name a particular one of these proper noun.